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Should I study, work or travel first?

It’s entirely up to you!

Some people take time off before studying to travel, pursue a hobby, gain skills and life experience, or to earn money. There are benefits in this as students with life experience often do very well at university, however some find adjusting to study after working can be challenging both financially and academically. There are also advantages to continuing on with study. You can increase your employment prospects and the transition from school to uni may be smoother as you are still in study mode.
If you have made the decision to come to university but would really like to take some time off, you can choose to take a gap semester or year. We would recommend that you apply for your undergraduate course first. Once you have your offer, you can choose to defer for up to 12 months, allowing you to secure your place at university and not have to worry about future application deadlines. 
Study Abroad
Postgraduate study is not able to be deferred, so keep an eye on the application deadlines webpage for information on when you should apply for the upcoming study period. There is another option - starting your degree and then looking at studying overseas. This allows you to gain experience internationally without losing time finishing your degree. To find out more check out Curtin's Study Abroad webpage.
Study Part-Time
And did you know you can work while you study? Many of our courses are available on a part-time basis so you can complete them while juggling work, family and any other commitments you may have. Work experience components of many of our courses also increase your employment prospects while you study, as many of our students are invited back for paid vacation work with their placement company.
International Students
If you are an international student, your student visa requires you to study full-time. If you are considering working while on a student visa, you should check your visa requirements before applying for a job.

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Updated 03/06/2020 02.14 PM