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I have received a USI (Unique Student Identifier) sanction. What can I do?

If you have a USI sanction on your account this means that you have been identified by the Universtiy that you are required to supply a valid Unique Student Identifier. If you have not applied for a USI you may do so via the USI registry 
If you already have a USI you may follow these instructions to submit your USI to the University.
Until a valid USI is received by the University the USI sanction will restrict
  • ◾ Viewing of results
  • ◾ Obtaining official documents
  • ◾ Further enrolments
Failure to supply a valid USI may result in cancellation of enrolment and/or loss of entitlement of your Higher Education Loan Program (such as HECS/FEE/SA/OS-HELP).
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Updated 23/04/2021 01.21 PM