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When do I need to apply to extend my student visa?

If your student visa expires before the next official result release date then you will need to order your CoE.  This is so that you can apply for a new student visa with the Department of Home Affairs in order to continue your current course of study.
If you student visa is due to expire after the next official result release date then it is too early to order your CoE.
There are certain requirements that must be met before your CoE can be produced.  Please refer to the Online Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) application guidelines and ensure you have met all the requirements before requesting your new CoE.
To request a new CoE online:
1. Log into OASIS
2. Click on the My Studies tab
3. In the Quickforms Channel, click on Request for Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) [International Student Only]
Once you have your CoE you can apply for your new student visa online at the Department of Home Affairs website. You will need to log in to your immiAccount to start the online application.
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Updated 20/05/2021 09.40 AM