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How much time will I have to allocate to studying?

Students can expect that for every 1 hour of class time, they will put in 1 hour of additional study. If you choose to study in a full-time capacity, you will likely take four units per semester. A typical unit may account for 3 or more hours of contact time on campus (including lectures, tutorials, laboratories and field work), and an additional 3 or more hours of independent study may be required (homework, assignments, test and exam preparation). As a full-time student, you can expect up to 30 hours of work per week, but this can vary as there may be busier periods when the workload is very demanding and other times when the load is somewhat reduced.

To achieve the results you want, you will need to dedicate a fair bit of time to your study. If the other demands in your life do not allow for that much study, you can find out whether your course is available to study part-time, where you will take fewer units per semester. For information on current contact hours for units, visit the Curtin Handbook webpage.

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Updated 03/09/2021 11.32 AM