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What to do if I have a USI Invalid Sanction?

Once you have obtained your USI and submitted it to Curtin University you will see the USI has a placeholder status of 'not verified'. If after the validation check, you receive a 'USI Invalid' sanction it may be for one of the following reasons:

  1. The USI provided to Curtin has been identified as invalid or incorrect;


  1. There is a discrepancy between the details recorded with Curtin and the USI Registry.
To find out how to rectify the issue, please refer to the validation information document.  Only re-submit your USI if the one submitted is wrong or is in the incorrect format.

For assistance with submitting your USI to Curtin, please visit the USI website or contact Curtin Connect.

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Updated 17/01/2022 02.51 PM