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What is the difference between a single and a double major?

A single major concentrates on one area of specialisation, whilst a double major focuses on two areas of specialisation. A double major will allow a student to complete study in those two separate areas under the same award.

For example, someone wishing to gain a Bachelor of Arts degree will complete 24 units of study over 3 years full time. This is broken up into a series of 8 core Arts units, 8 units relating to their major and 8 units of free-choice (electives). If you wish to study a double major, your free-choice elective units would be replaced with those from the second major.

Please note: not all courses are available as a double major. If you were interested in studying two areas of specialisation not available as a double major, please visit our double degrees webpage for further information, or contact the Future Students team to discuss your options.

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Updated 23/05/2021 12.15 AM