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Under what circumstances will the University grant an exemption?

University exemptions will be granted in limited circumstances. These include where a person:
  • has an exemption approved by the State Government;
  • has a medical exemption;
  • who is ineligible to be vaccinated in Western Australia at the time they attend campus;
  • who attends campus with the sole purpose of seeking health care from an accredited health care provider; 
  • is required to attend on campus to respond to an emergency;
  • is required to perform urgent and essential work on campus to protect the health and safety of people or to protect assets and infrastructure; 
  • is required to attend campus to perform law enforcement function, or to perform a statutory duty or function;
  • is attending on campus for the sole purpose of community sport played outdoors, or is participating in a University activity held off campus that is community sport; or
  • is a parent, carer or family member who is attending the Curtin University Early Childhood Centre to drop off or pick up a child enrolled at the Centre.
A person can apply to the Provost or Chief Operating Officer for an exemption for themselves or for an activity in exceptional circumstances.  The Chief Operating Officer or Provost (or their delegate) may grant a University exemption if they are satisfied there would be no adverse effect on other members of the University community, the student experience or other aspects of the University’s operations, and no increased risk to health and safety.

Please apply for an exemption using the application form and submitting via the webform by selecting “Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements.
Updated 05/04/2022 11.13 AM