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What is the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship?

The John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship (JCUS) is Curtin's most prestigious scholarship for future students commencing their degree. It is awarded to academically talented students who have excelled in a wide range of endeavours, and have lent their talents and energies to the community around them.

The Scholarship covers the cost of undergraduate education at Curtin University and provides an annual stipend of $2,000 per year, plus a one off payment of $6,000 for an approved international experience.

JCUS Scholars are expected to work together and individually on a number of community projects, to encourage a sense of community outside and within the university.

To be eligible to apply, you need to be either a:

  1. Current Year 12 student who is certified by your Principal to be in the top five per cent of your high school graduating year, and has given time and leadership to the community; or
  2. Mature age person who has not previously undertaken a university degree, be nominated by an appropriate educator (who can verify your academic excellence), and who has given time and leadership to the community.
In 2019, Curtin established the Julia Gillard Women in Leadership Scholarship to encourage and support women to develop the required skills to become leaders in their field. The Scholarship is treated as a part of the JCUS program, and recipients receive the same financial and community support as the JCUS Scholars.
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Updated 06/01/2020 01.54 PM