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What kind of qualification do I end up with?

This depends on the course you are studying for example: Commerce, Nursing or Engineering. The majority of undergraduate degrees will be completed within 3 – 4 years and once graduated you will be awarded a Bachelor degree in i.e:
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

If you achieve a good course weighted average (CWA) then you may be invited to stay on for an extra year and complete your degree with honours, in which case your qualification will include this title (e.g. Bachelor of Psychology (Honours))

To further your studies, you may wish to continue on and complete a Postgraduate Diploma, Masters or PhD which is at a graduate level.

To practice some professions you may be required to complete post graduate study and/or become accredited through an industry body. For example:

  • To become a registered Architect, students must complete a Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) (3 years), a Master of Architecture (2 years), two years work experience (one year post graduation) and complete board exams.
  • The Physiotherapists Act of the State of Western Australia requires that all practising physiotherapists must be registered with the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Western Australia.
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Updated 03/09/2021 09.45 AM