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How does Curtin recognise high achieving school leavers? 

Curtin University recognises academic excellence by providing a number of merit-based scholarships for high school leavers.

The Curtin Excellence Scholarship is awarded to Year 12 students who achieve a high ATAR and have Curtin as their first preference through TISC or applied for admission to Curtin directly to undertake an eligible undergraduate degree, and receive a course offer in main round offers into the first preference course. Students who receive an early course offer are not required to select preferences through TISC to be eligibile for this scholarship.

The John Curtin Scholarship Program (JCSP) is Curtin's most prestigious scholarship program for future students commencing their degree. It is awarded to academically talented students who have excelled in a wide range of endeavours, and have lent their talents and energies to the community around them.

Visit the Scholarships website to find out more about what scholarships are available.

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Updated 28/10/2021 04.16 PM