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What is the weather like in Perth?

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate like Southern California, averaging eight hours of sunshine a day, all year round. The average maximum summer temperature is 31C (88F) and 19C (66F) in winter.

The seasons in Perth are the opposite to those in the northern hemisphere - so Christmas "down under" means beach weather, seafood and barbecues. Plus, due to the huge size of Western Australia, the climate is diverse. Being in the South West of Western Australia, Perth experiences warm dry summers and cool wet winters, whilst the northern area of WA enjoys tropical summers and dry warm winters.

We encourage all of our students to take advantage of our sunny climate and to experience all Perth has to offer. Take a ferry over to the famous Rottnest Island just off of the coast, take a stroll and overlook the Swan River in the beautiful King's Park and Botanic Garden, or soak up some rays at one of our many amazing beaches. For more information about Perth's weather see the Bureau of Meteorology website.

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Updated 08/07/2019 09.42 AM