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What is an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)?

Your electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) is a request for government assistance for your tuition fees. If you are a domestic student studying in Australia, you must submit an eCAF before the due date of the study period if you wish to:

  • Accept a Commonwealth supported place (CSP)
  • Apply for a HELP loan to pay your tuition fees

Once you have submitted a valid eCAF, it will remain valid for the duration of your course. If you change courses, you must submit a new eCAF before the due date of the first study period of the new course.

You can access and complete your eCAF on the My eCAFs tab in eStudent, via OASIS. You will also find a short demonstration on how to complete the form on the eStudent help website

Accepting a Commonwealth supported place (CSP)

If you are offered a commonwealth suppoprted place in a course, you are required to submit an eCAF before you can enrol into your units.  If you are paying your fees upfront you are still required to submit this form to receive subsidised tuition.  

Applying for a HELP loan

If you wish to use a HELP loan to defer your fees, you will need to provide your tax file number (TFN) on your eCAF.

If you would like to access different types of HELP for your course, you may need to complete more than one eCAF.

If you are an eligible New Zealand citizen, you must submit supporting documentation to confirm your eligibility for a HELP loan.

You can find more information about HELP loans on the StudyAssist website.

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Updated 12/09/2019 08.25 AM