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What is Studentbox?

Studentbox was developed in collaboration with high school students, for high school students, and aims to make life easier for Year 10 to 12 high school students preparing for university entry.

We know there is an overwhelming amount of information out there that attempts to guide students through what is an incredibly important final year of secondary school. The problem is, most students don't know where to find information that is trustworthy and important to them. Studentbox aims to collate all that information into one central point to help students cope with the pressures of school work and exam preparation, lead healthy, happy and active social lives, stay connected to their peers and much more throughout the year.

Visit the Studentbox website to find a range of tools, info, extra study resources and more to help you make high school easier:

  • Access to all past WACE exams
  • An ATAR Calculator Guide
  • Revision Resources
  • Study and Exams tips
  • Forums
  • Competitions and more
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Updated 14/11/2018 02.50 PM

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