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Do you offer online courses?

Yes, a number of Curtin University courses are available to be studied either partly or fully online.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

To find out about all of your online course options, you can check out the Curtin Online website. Alternatively, you can view our lists of fully only undergraduate and postgraduate offerings currently available.

Check your Units

Whilst some courses may not be available fully online, some elements of it may be. We recommend visiting the Curtin Handbook webpage. From there you can view what units you will study in a particular course, and in what mode they are able to be studied.

At the commencement of each study period you will receive a Plan or a Unit Outline for each unit you are enrolled in. The Plan will contain information on the assessment method of the unit.

Units may be assessed by:

  • Continous assessment
  • Examinations run by the teaching schools
  • Centrally scheduled examinations run in the formal two week examination periods.

Even students studying a unit classified as "Fully Online" may still be required to complete an exam at either the Curtin Perth campus, a recognised examination centre or another approved regional/rural location. Please see the External Examinations webpage for further information.

Open Universities Australia (OUA)

Some Curtin courses may be available to study through Open Universities Australia (OUA). The benefit from this is you will still gain the same degree from Curtin University, however OUA may allow you to complete your course faster as units align to four study periods throughout the year as opposed to two semesters.


We also offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that allow students to complete short courses on a variety of topics online for free. This is a great way to find out if you enjoy a particular area of study before beginning a full degree.


Curtin MicroMasters programs are graduate-level university courses designed to advance your career. Successful completion of a MicroMasters credential at the appropriate level allows learners to apply for credit towards the completion of a Masters degree.

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Updated 18/06/2020 11.45 PM