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If I defer my offer what will I need to do to enrol next year?

The Admission Office will resend you an offer in lApril via email at your nominated personal email address with information on taking up your Deferred Offer for semester two.

If you decide not to take up your Deferred Offer at that stage you will be offered again in September/October in regards to taking up the Deferred Offer in semester one of the following year.

If you decide to change course and have not studied at Curtin before you will need to apply for any new courses through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) for Semester One intake. Please visit the TISC Calendar for relevant deadlines.

If you have studied units previously in a different course you can apply online directly by Searching Offerings for the Course that interests you.

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Updated 01/07/2020 10.23 AM